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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rant: Attend games you sign up for

This post grew out of the many posts about Gencon. I mulled over it a lot to keep it both polite, to the point, without completely roasting anyone, and with some type of path or recommendations. Something that's doable and that could help the community as a whole.

I was able to console myself by burning effigies...

Burning gamers at the stake

One thing I never understood is people’s acceptance of it’s only Sunday morning as an excuse and the annoying tendency to accept that not showing up is acceptable. I personally hold myself accountable to such events. If I say I will be there, I am. There are, of course, circumstances that dictate otherwise, and I’m tired or I stayed up playing until 5am is not a valid excuse in my book. This is GenCon (or any other con). You’ve paid to enjoy your time, so enjoy it!

You don't just ruin the fun of the GM, but you may ruin that of others who did get up who will not get to enjoy their hours of sleep.

Although I am talking about players, a close second is a Sunday morning GM who uses these same excuses to put up a crummy game – as happened to me last year, and why I avoided playing Pathfinder Society this year.

If you commit to running or participating in an event, BE ON YOUR GAME.

But more importantly, be AT your game!


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