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Friday, September 12, 2014

Genderbending or How I became a woman

Genderbending is something that some players really enjoy while other shy away from it. Some are uncomfortable playing someone of the opposite sex or dealing with players of another gender. Some use it just for laughs and crude jokes, and that can be off-putting.

There are so many movies about this theme: from Robin Williams' Mrs. Doubtfire to Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie, Martin Lawrence's Big Momma's House, and the old Julie Andrews' Victor-Victoria. Tyler Perry do not count. These movies make me laugh because of the strange situation the characters always end up in. In an RPG, this is pretty much the same.

A few quick points:
- Keep it appropriate for the audience not all women are wanton whores and not all men are willing to hop into bed with anything in a skirt... Hummm let me rephrase that. Not all women are whores. Men. Well... we're pigs. But I'm good with that. Play a character that COULD exist.
- We think alike more often than not Okay I'm gonna get in trouble here, but in most situations, men and women think alike. At least the type of people who become adventurers. Yes adventurers are stupid: instead of running away at the mention of dragon, they run towards it thinking of mounds of treasure. Male and female adventurers ARE a dumb breed!
- Approach this as a character If you ever did theater, this is just the same. Visualize yourself as that character, become the character, but you always know in the back of your mind that you are not the character. Have fun and explore the character.
- Have fun with it There are number of situations where a character of a different gender can be fun to play. Go with the flow.
- Don't make it weird I placed this at the end because it is the most important one. Not specific to this, but always worth mentioning. If you feel weird or creeped out by "that guy" who tries to do things in the game he most likely does not do out of game or his FanFic. Don't be afraid to ask him to stop or tone it down.. Have fun but don't make it weird (for yourself or others).

Personally? I try to play believable characters, whether they be male of female. Their gender may affect how they react to some situations, usually romantic interests, but that is not the only thing that defines them. I have no issue playing a female or male character - years ago, I started doing the following: I build a male then a female character, regardless of the game.

Thus I sometimes stack concepts I believe would be better for a male or a female character. Sometimes concepts are based on a miniature I have or would like. Other times I built them on ideas.

The one exception to the above is MMO. There I only play female characters. Why? Because I prefer looking at a woman's butt for hours than that of a man!

Try it out for yourself. Try a funny voice. Try wild movement.

But be entertaining!


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