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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PaizoCon 2011, one-offs and much writing

I have finally got off my butt and booked my trip to PaizoCon in June and reserve my hotel room - that I will share with fellow VC Auke Teeninga from Benelux. That's done. Best part of it: PaizoCon falls around the time that Julie and the kids leave for their yearly trip to Montreal! So it should not cost me too many wife points. All good I tell ya.

PaizoCon will be a first for me in many ways.

  • It will be my first trip to the Pacific Northwest
  • It will be the first time I go to a big non-WotC con (I attended Winter Fantasy and D&DXP a few times).
  • It will be the first time I get to meet a number of my fellow Venture-Captains.

Following my Doctor Who experience, I have been thinking about a followup or sequel to "Somewhen in Time". Something perhaps more elaborate and with a fixed table throughout. I have been thinking about seeing if I could run it as part of Petrie's Family Games store's RPG schedule. Since I am still in the thinking phase of the idea, I am still waffling about what/how to do it. So for now, its just a project for another day... I mean with Valentine's Day, and Genghis Con coming up, I'm pretty tied up... So for you Doctor Who fans... it'll be a few weeks at least.

On top of that, Jim, the son of my good friends John & Pam contacted me about doing some Mutants and Mastermind. Although I do not have the time to commit to a full, regular campaign, I do miss seeing them and will have to work on something for them. Perhaps a game day format or short 2-3 shots.

What has been consuming most of my free time lately - other than my "MAIN" job has been a number of projects with LPJ Design. I am currently working at overhauling the Base Book for the setting. I am very proud with the results. It has more than the original, including archetypes (4 right now), prestige classes (more than 5), new feats (over 70 as I write this) and the history of the world and gazetteer with a number of surprises added.

This is pretty much a full rewrite of the setting. Not so much because of new material, but because the document has been massively reorganized, allowing for quick searching. The biggest change is in the gazetteer. The old province names have been replaced with the name of the current states (so the entry for the Caneus Empire is now under Caneus Empire and not Nas, with its own history, adventure locations, character options, adventure hooks and a few important NPCs). I have gone through a number of LPJD products and gathered material to add to the final product, really making it the one-stop shop for NeoExodus. Good enough to have someone pick it up and run a NeoExodus campaign.

This book is - as of right now - over 70 pages long with out any art or Louis' magic touch to make the documents look good. I am very excited about it. If only I had like 8 weekends so I could run one day of NeoExodus a week!

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