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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

To Genghis Pfs Volunteers

To all those who volunteered to DM @ Genghis (in particular). You guys are awesome! I mean really. Yesterday, I was in a state of pre-panic especially regarding Saturday night's game slot. From the 2 GMs (the 2 iron men), There are now 8 GMs and another one stepped up to the iron man plate! We should currently be able to seat everyone with regular tickets! Ain't that awesome!

Iron men: Scott Crosson, Jeff Kokx and myself

Which brings me to my next point: Make sure you pre-register to get the games that you want. I know that PFS real estate will be at a premium, especially Friday Evening through Saturday. This is no joke, I would hate to turn anyone away from PFS.

The weirdest/ coolest thing about this? I believe that my publicly-stated goal of running more tables than LFR may come true!

To Scott, Jeff, Todd, Russ, Kerney, Kenton, Matt, Ken, Josh, Dave, Derek, Phil, Ryan, Ted & Bill (and those I'm still waiting to hear from)... Thanks. Thanks A LOT! You guys ROCK! \m/


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