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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Sanguine Covenant 2.0

For the past weeks, I have been working on re-vamping LPJ Design's Sanguine Covenant book for NeoExodus. It was a good book with an interesting take on monotheism in a fantasy setting. Trying to include a world view that encompasses and explains the polytheism in the world. Unlike our world where the mysteries of God are not readily available to all.

Okay, they are and he does, but he does not manifest his power through direct, obviously magical means like we see in Pathfinder / fantasy RPGs. I would be surprised if I could go to my local bishop and ask/pay for a heal to get rid of my asthma and diabetes... Man that would be cool... But he's more mysterious than that, and I like that. GO JESUS!

The original document was written by Owen KC Stephens (whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Neoncon 2011) and Chris McCoy. It was a good document, went into a lot of details and after reading it, I considered myself to be well-versed in what the Covenant and how it operated.

So why update it?

First off, the prestige class, Covenant Daemonslayer that was found within seriously needed some re-vamping. Not because it was bad. Simply because Pathfinder does certain things much, much easier than 3.5 did. I wanted to revamp the class and to make it simple and attractive.

Second, I looked at the feats presented in the book. While good, many feats no longer applied in PFS. So I took it upon myself to review every feat, one at a time. While keeping in mind game balance, I updated some, removed others and wrote new ones.

With most of the number-crunching behind me, I went over the rest of the document with the two following goals. 1- Provide information that could enhance a game and 2- Make this document a complete reference for the Covenant. I did a lot of reformatting and moved things around to give it a more natural flow.

Finally, I have this major pet peeve with these source books. I want adventure ideas. Not full-fleshed out adventures, but ideas, something I can just glance over and gain some inspiration. Like those old GURPS supplements I keep looking at, just for their "adventure seeds". So I added those in.

Satisfied with my work, I reclined on my chair and took a deep breath.

I was happy.

Then I remembered that the Sanguine Covenant had ANOTHER element... There was another prestige class that was not in the original document, but that was out there. The Covenant Purifier. The purifier is the left hand of the church. They are the assassins of the Covenant. So I asked Louis if I should include that class into the new document. A few minutes later, I was reviewing the prestige class to the Sanguine Covenant.

So there you are folks. The sum of a lot of work is mostly done, now its the editing and reviewing that begins. But the bulk of the work is there for us to critique first before it goes out to you!


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