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Saturday, February 1, 2020

[Doctor Who Review] 12.02 Spyfall Part 2

After a mostly positive feeling about the first part, I looked forward to the second episode to see where this would be going.

...And I was left holding a steaming pile of excrement. The goodwill from part 1 gave way to eye rolls almost from the start. I don't think I really followed what the glowy-things were as I must have dozed off.

And frankly by that time I flat out did not care. The Master's plot became so convoluted that I could not follow it. He acts like a simple bank robber rather than do things.

I want to thank Jesus for allowing me to doze through a significant portion of this episode (no I'm not watching it again).

And the presentation that "only the women are important" like Ada Lovelace being more important than Charles Babbage and that "Indian spy-chick" who no one knows about is more important than actual people who spied in occupied France. The Ada/Babbage particularly was rough with the flat-out dismissal of Babbage.

The final reveal failed to impress me. Not for the shock value - I did raise an eyebrows. But by how rushed and crammed almost matter of fact it was thrown in there. Rather than having the Master tease it through the episode for a payoff at the end, we have a massive cast fighting for screen time.

This is a show about time travel... So why do you cram so many things in there?

Would I re-watch? No

Rating: 1/5

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