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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

[Release] Apple of a Mother's Eye for Curse of Strahd

FOE is happy to announce the release of their latest Ravenloft product. An expansion for the Berez location to make it matter to your campaign!

It's Christmas and I am happy to release a new product out into the world. This product expands the rather bland Berez. Instead, the PCs get to learn more about the background of the many major NPCs in this complex tapestry. I was struggling to find a good way to expand the location, to make this more that straight-up fight OR a sneak-in. Then I happened upon a post where someone gave the half-idea I needed to get out of my rut.

I play-tested the expansion on my players who now have additional information about Strahd and his background than they should have but it makes the dark tapestry of CoS richer.

I must commend the Britishark for the quality of his illustrations on this one. Great stuff!

Get it on the DM's Guild

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