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Sunday, February 10, 2019

[Kill Team] (Kinda) After Action Report: Marines vs. Genestealer Cult

So ActionMan and I have been playing some Kill Team as I paint up his army of Space Marines (pics to come).

We had played a number of games, based on our understanding of the rules. I watched youtube videos on people playing the game and realized many of the mistakes we have been doing. So we tried again on the kitchen table using various pieces of terrain.

We first played a game with me as the Genestealer Cult and him as the Astra Militarum with his tempestor scions. I cleaned him out by using overwhelming numbers.

This game, I played space marines against the Genestealer Cult.

1x Space Marine Sergeant with power sword (leader)
1x Space Marine Gunner with meltagun (heavy)
1x Space Marine Gunner with meltagun (demolition)
1x Space Marine (medic)
3x Space Marines

1x Neophite Leader with bolt pistol and chainsword (leader)
1x Neophyte Hybrid Gunner with Mining laser (heavy)
1x Neophyte Hybrid Gunner with heavy stubber (demolitions)
1x Neophyte Hybrid Gunner with autogun and cult icon
4x Neophyte Hybrid Gunner with autogun
2x Neophyte Hybrid Gunner with shotgun
1x genestealer with flesh hooks (scout)
2x genestealer with scything talons

As the first battle with the cult, their numbers are just huge, making it difficult to take enough out. Contrast that with the power of the space marines armament and we have a classic quantity vs quality match. I did not take good notes, but here are some pictures of the game.

I lost to Actionman who took one of the objectives and swarmed me on the other (on the last turn).

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