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Friday, March 24, 2017

Teaser for Conglomeration

For those of you who are still on the fence about attending Conglomeration in Louisville KY on April 7-9, allow me to add some more goodness to the lot...

Saturday night, I will be running a special, one-time only adventure, the Battle of Dreadkeep. I have just put the final touch on it and well allow my to say that it adds a lot of new elements to the campaign. The plot moves forward and things change... a lot. How will this happen? You may be the ones who will determine what happens!

Battle of Dreadkeep is a one-time-only event for the Legacies campaign, that can be played by characters up to level 10! Yes. It is a battle interactive with some story elements.

There will be four different unique rewards offered, one of which is a unique item. The other rewards can be gained by multiple PCs at the table. I'm not going to say what those are but they can really change send your character in odd new directions...

Oh and did I mention the new Rhym adventures?


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