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Friday, September 7, 2012

400 posts: Looking back on 3 years of blogging

How much has my life changed since the July 14th 2009. That was the day I finally set up this blog and started blogging. I like to think that my writing has improved, and how the many projects I was involved with have either died, stopped or keep going.

When I started this blog, I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it, no firm direction. I had opinions, thoughts and a desire to share those. So I started writing and quickly got into it...

First off, the biggest change in my life that happened since was the happy addition of our only son, Jean-Patrick (aka Pat, Papou, The Boy or Action-Man). With him, my wife and I now have three great kids together: Josiane, Kitty and Pat. They really get me going in the morning and give me a reason to keep writing, especially when I'm feeling blue.

At the time I started, I did not have any idea I would be posting 400 posts in just a little over three years.


Through most of 2009, I was involved in Living Forgotten Realms as a writing director for the Moonshae Isles. Many of my posts reflect that period.

It was also the time I discovered Pathfinder Society and what a great discovery! I took to it with a gusto I hadn't felt since the heyday of LG, some two years before.

During that time I started working on a Cthulhu Invictus (in Roman times) campaign, I abandoned because the idea was too ambitious and too complex to have a relatively simple resolution. Everything I did simply led to more and more work with no end in sight... The idea is on a backburner, waithing for


In 2010, I quit LFR and focused on Pathfinder. I began organizing more and creating a community of players here in the Denver/ Colorado Springs area.

It was around that time that I got involved with Akos, a project I was really into, but that never saw the light of day beyond a few playtests, before being abandoned completely in mid-2011. Akos was a project I really liked with ideas that were very novel. Oh well.

Later in the year, I answered a seemingly random Facebook post by this guy call "Louis Porter". From that simple Facebook post I would go on to write for NeoExodus.

Just around Tacticon, I was named Venture Captain for Denver and I threw my full support behind PFS, organizing running, GMing and getting things done.

I also participated in another one of Chaosium's adventure contests, this time for the release of Cthulhu Invictus. My submission, Shadow on the Vesuvius was taken directly from the campaign I was writing in 2009, where I stripped the campaign elements to focus only on the adventure. It is a solid and

It was a good year.


The year saw me do more and more work on NeoExodus, culminating in my work on the NeoExodus Campaign Book. I spent most of the spring and summer working on that. But the results are there! I ran my first public event at PaizoCon that year (Encounter at Ramat Bridge), which I subsequently ran at a number of other venues since: Fandemonium in Boise, here in the Springs, and at NeonCon. I really like that adventure as it sets the theme and the mood for NeoExodus. And the best news? We will finally release it to you all. That adventure is STILL a personal favorite.

As I said before, my involvement with Akos also ended at that time, the project was put on the backburner indefinitely. Still I believe it may reappear at some point in the future...

I continued to work as Venture Captain through the year as we went from win to win, until finally at Tacticon, Pathfinder Society became the biggest event at the con (a few we repeated at both events since).

Another good year.


The year of the Mayan end began with a few bumps in the road. An event happened at work and for a few weeks, I seriously worried about losing my job. To make things worse, I was to write the PaizoCon Grand Convocation. Needless to say that such a writing project falls off-track when faced with "real" issues. I asked to be removed and was. Too bad. Well the fun thing is that what was run is pretty much what I had. The gang did a great job pulling it off.

PaizoCon was a blast overall. It was also a year where I offered more and more adventures for NeoExodus with a program that offered two adventures and Genghis, two more at Tacticon and an storyline interactive that determined a number of things.

More recently, the end of my tenure as Venture Captain leading to the forming of the First Ones and moving forward with NeoExodus Legacies.

Things are on the up.

Some Statistics

Traffic: As of August of 2012, every month, there has been more traffic each month and the best month until then.

Number of hits: This year, I hit 50,000 then 60,000 page views as logged by blogger

My Audience Readers of this blog are from (in order): the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Most Read posts

So this is it! 400 post and still blogging!

Thank you to all my readers!


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