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Friday, July 13, 2018

Pre-Gencon Updates... What's happening

A few random notes on what has been happening behind the scene. Hopefully giving you an idea of why I have become something of a recluse in my own blog.

Gencon Updates

I have just done the biggest purchase of FOE promo and books at once ever. With Gencon approaching and the release of Akhamet approaching, I got a first run of Akhamet books, the (expanded and redone) map of Akhamet, a banner, and finally new shirts for Isabelle, JS, and I to wear at the con. I cannot explain how very excited this makes me. Akhamet is the product that has so many of you really excited about.

I will have to make myself a new set of holder for my banners to accommodate both my Akhamet and the one for Saggakar and Rhym. I may have to do a "composite" so I don't have to swap them. I don't quite know yet. Those banners have been a massive help to me to draw the eye and get people talking about the product.

With more FOE games than ever getting run at Gencon, this promises to be a memorable year for us. It is even more exciting to know that everything is sold out already!

I will post some pictures of the unboxing of all those goodies.

Now that said, I am behind the ball on writing the final adventure, my Sunday morning madness. I need to frame it better because I don't really like what I have right now. So I need to refine the product. I'm not (yet) worried about it.

Okay, I am worried about. But that's because I worry about everything, so by worrying, I'm not worrying.

Gencon Slot Zeroes

Those are in full swing! I will be running them in the next two weeks (the two I still need to do, Rhym and Saggakar). If you are interested and available, go check out our Facebook Group to be appraised the times, and when.

Akhamet Updates

I made a change to the Akhamet deluxe/regular editions. The regular edition will be in black and white on plain white paper. The cream/yellow looked awesome but some of the graphics just did not look right.

I plan to release the book official the day before Gencon (so August 1st). There *might* be a few books floating before that, for collaborators, and the like.

Other writing Updates

I have three major books in the works right now.

Tyrants of Saggakar Houses of Faremh expands on the background of the House of the First Ones from Faremh. Details the three major, and many minor ones. This book includes a series of stat blocks for BOTH 5th Edition and Pathfinder.

Gostor Centaurs, Fauns, Nymphs, and Sphinxes adds to the races of Mythic Greece.

DM's Guild City of Dust is a Ravenloft-style project I have been working on and adding more and more stuff to it. Ravenloft is perhaps the best place to put this adventure because it could be set anywhere. It touches on themes from a lot of different settings from the FOEniverse...


The kids are playing more often, and they are getting quite good at 5th Edition. I have been running adventures for them, mixing the different FOEniverse world. We are now playing in Rhym where they are exploring a mansion in a swamp in the lands of the Dorian Republic. This adventure is dubbed "Jojo's adventure" because all they encountered were bugs, snakes, crawlies, and other things Jojo is a big fan of.

I have been playing with other youngsters, introducing my friend Donan and his son with my own kids... They seem to enjoy it.

I am running an on-again off-again campaign set in Akhamet the players are really enjoying thus far. There were naval battles, odd traps, and more goodness...

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